Rex and The Crown Jewel Robbery

Rex and The Crown Jewel Robbery
  • Výrobce: Walker Books
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 For children 5+/od 5ti let

Illustrated by Kate Sheppard/Illustrace Kate Sheppard

A hilarious picture-book caper about a scruffy dog who saves the Crown Jewels from a dastardly thief.

A hilarious picture-book caper, this is the adventure of Rex, a scruffy little dog who saves the Crown Jewels from a dastardly thief. Living on Tower Green, Rex likes nothing better than sniffing around in litter bins. But one day, the stinky bin he's rummaging in turns out to be a time machine! It takes him back to the Tower of London of King Charles II, where Rex meets spoiled lapdog Cavalier, explores the old Tower and even gets to see the Crown Jewels. But while he's admiring the crown, orb and sceptre, thieves burst in and steal them away. Can Rex save the day? Based on a real-life event in Royal history (although it wasn't a dog that came to the rescue!), this riotous page-turner features time travel, sparkly gems and a very loveable canine hero!

Zábavný příběh psa Rexe o tom, jak zachrání anglické korunní klenoty.   Kniha je vtipná a má spád.  Je založena na pravdivých událostech (jen to nebyl pes, kdo vše zachránil).